Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Holiday Chaos

And so it has begun. Technically in November with Hannah's birthday, but now the "something every night and/or weekend" begins.

Friday night we had an extra kid for Bubba's birthday, went out to dinner and all that. Saturday we shipped the kids off for some quiet time, which equaled Christmas shopping, dinner and a late show. Good thing we had pre-purchased the tickets or we might have gone home early and went to bed. Sunday was a work Christmas party and so that ends the weekend.

This week we have something damn-near every night. Monday I go play some hockey with the women's league... Oh yes I did. I signed up for a women's league! It should give me some great game-play time with others way better than me! Tuesday is all kinds of busy, ice skating lessons for the kids, out to dinner then quick to the school for Bubba's winter program, then home quick to drop off the kids with grandma and then off to My Honey's pool league.  Wednesday the kids have a church activity. Thursday we kick back and Friday we start a weekend of family. And then we're into winter break. I'm trying to pace myself today and tomorrow getting ready for the family-bit. I have laundry and some cleaning to do and I'm debating a walk today since the sun is shining for the first time in a week. Seems worth it, but I know hockey will kick my butt tonite and I don't want to be totally broke for tomorrow .... but a little walk around the block wouldn't kill me, would it?

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