Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Spring Nights

By now it should be in the eighties and sunny every day. I should be tan-ish and looking forward to spending the weekend in and out of the pool. I should be wearing shorts and looking forward to it cooling down in the evenings.

Reality: I am still wearing jeans. It's been raining all week (which is really starting to piss me off) and the pool isn't even set up yet. Let's not even talk about the top being off the Jeep.

However, it was nice enough to clean out the tree house and the kids wanted to eat up there earlier this week.

I did read somewhere it is supposed to warm up this weekend.... Yeah. Right. I will believe it when I feel it.


The Loidhamer Family said...

I am so ready for summer, too. Actually today doesn't look too bad, but could it just stick around for a while PLEASE?

Michelle Littler said...

We need the rain...just remember that. We don't want fires this summer to ruin any lake time. But it could clear up for at least a little while.