Friday, June 25, 2010

Mo' Training

Tuesday - i did at least 30 minutes of swimming
Wednesday - I ended up taking my rest day Wednesday. The bike guy called, its going to be a week and around fifty bucks for parts. He's doing the labor on his own time ... ideas to "repay" him? I am REALLY bad at that stuff.
Thursday - Yesterday my gal JP and I ran the loop from my house. We did pretty well, ran a little further than I did earlier in the week. It was really nice to run in the morning. First, I was fresh from a good nights' sleep, second, it was way cooler.
Friday - I got up and went swimming this morning. It was nice. Time to break into the open water though. I checked into the schedule at the City pool, looks like Tuesday nights and Friday mornings will do it.

I've had an interesting couple days. I went to a conference here in town for folks in the dispatching profession from around Washington. They had some great speakers. One of them was in Oklahoma City dispatching the day of the bombing in 1995. He was speaking about being prepared for critical incidents. It was really good stuff. Another session I went to was about bullying in the workplace. Very, very good stuff. The gal that spoke was fabulous. She had some great research she had done, some wonderful examples and a couple things she challenged us to do. Today, our keynote speaker talked about the difference between leaders and supervisors. More good food for thought. I haven't quite got it all worked out yet, but he also had some good information and challenged me.

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LSL said...

Sounds like you had a great conference! All of those speakers sound really interesting.

Great job on the training! I get tired reading your updates :)