Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I want to keep better notes this year. Here's my training this week:
Tonite I am going to swim at least 30 min
Last night I ran the (nearly) three mile loop - well, I ran and walked it.
Friday I swam 30 min

I think that's it. The loop from my house is, by my own definition "grueling." It is hilly, into the wind and not easy for me. I have yet to run the hills.

The swim is easy. I go to the indoor pool and just swim laps. I have been thinking I should head to the outdoor pool to get used to the water temperature. I just read the lake is only 66 degrees. Brrrrrr! I actually have no idea what the temp was last year so I don't know how to compare it, but 66 degrees sounds cold.

Biking.... My bike is in the shop. The back derailer (I don't know, is that how you spell it?) is broke, or sticking or something. My friend's hubby works for a local bike shop and is going to take a look at it on Wednesday. Unfortunately the bike is 15 years old and, based on last year's experience with another old bike, I am afraid that its going to be not-so-easy to get parts. We shall see. If it is back, I hope to bike to work on Saturday. The bike TO work is easy - all downhill. It's the ride home that will test me! I only did it once last year and it was HARD!!

Hopefully tomorrow I will get another run in, Thursday a ... rest? Or maybe run again or an outdoor swim in the afternoon, and then a swim Friday morning. Ride to work on Saturday, or run in the afternoon. I could do an "easy" run on the loop after work since I will be close. Sunday a ride if my bike is fixed or a run depending on how Saturday works out. Shew.

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