Saturday, June 19, 2010


The last word prompt for the Creativity Boot Camp is "smile." This is a picture from my April archives. Bubba and Miss I in a rare moment of getting along. Actually, truth be told, its happening more frequently, for which I am very thankful. It might be a good summer after all!

Megan, the author of the Creativity Boot Camp is going to do The Sunday Creative starting at the end of the month. A weekly creative prompt to create to. I am looking forward to it. The Boot Camp was very fun, challenging and made me think that I could do something like that with my kids to keep them thinking and creating all summer. Now we can all have the same word to think on and see what we come up with during the week.

The first week of Summer Vacation went well. Bubba and Miss I stayed with grandma while My Honey and I were at work. It was nice enough that they could play outside which helps. Next week Bubba is going to a Physics Camp (similar to last years Super Cool Science Camp) so grandma will get a bit of a break from him. Yesterday grandpa came and took him fishing so I painted (yeah, still painting) while Miss I just did whatever she wanted.

I hated the white doors in the hallway so I painted them brown. I think it looks a ton better. My Honey also painted the inside of the exterior doors brown. The white trim is so super cool tho! We are also getting all the touch up stuff done so when my carpet guy calls I can be ready. I had hoped that we'd get vinyl this past week but it didn't work out that way. I am still hoping for final install on everything before the 4th ... but I know it might be after that. I just hope not.

I worked hard on the old floor today, it needed to be cleaned really good before install. Have all the paint drips cleaned up and stuff like that. Back breaking work. Hands-and-knees work. It looks really nice tho. Maybe we should keep it.... NO WAY!! I just want the new stuff to look good. My Honey ripped out one of the last sections of carpet. We are going to leave the stairs until just before install, but he ripped out the upstairs hallway. Again, the wood floor has been nailed down in several places. I wonder if it looks horrible in Bubba's room too?

I was a triathlon training slacker this past week. I went for a short run, a really short bike ride and swam twice. I am hoping to ride and run tomorrow. I intended to do that today but I just never got motivated. Next week I need to run, ride and swim at least once each. I may try to ride to work on Saturday. Thank goodness the pedestrian bridge is open now!!! I would also like to complete my Creativity Boot Camp assignments: "smooth, hush and full bodied." And I am going to cross my fingers that my carpet guy calls and sets up install for the carpet and vinyl on the 27th. (Is that asking too much? Is that even a week day?)

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