Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Day

Tomorrow is The Day. I am going to order the new carpet and vinyl. A weekend of listening to the echoing of the kids voices, the keyboard being tapped and dog claws did it! (Payday helped too.)

Hopefully this means carpet by My Honey's birthday. Wouldn't that be great? I have been thinking about how to take pictures, but I just don't have a clue how to capture the room. I guess I better try first. Quit thinking about it. Just do it. I would really like to get a picture of the nailed wood floor, the old vinyl, and the hallway. I was just sitting here, looking at my newly painted doors thinking "that area is going to REALLY look good with new shag carpet!"

Thankfully yesterday was sunny! I mean REALLY sunny. the sunniest day we have had since May. I might even have gotten an eentsy-weentsy tan. Bubba and I did a public education project for my work outside so it was really nice that it was sunny. And warm. Today? Rain. More stinking rain. I read that we set a record for rainfall in May. Actually, it was a record for rainfall. Period. Ever. HELLO? Mother Nature? I live in Central Washington, its supposed to be arid, dry, like the desert here. Remember? For some reason we are getting Western Washington weather. Stop it already!

On Friday night something happened. The new neighbors moved in. They have a kid. A boy. He's eleven. Talk about DRAMA. Poor Miss I is going to learn some hard lessons about being A Girl, being the Little Sister and being left out. I feel bad, but what can you do? I am really thankful that Bubba has a neighbor kid to play with, that it's someone a little older and that he's right next door, not across or down the street. But, it was quite the challenge yesterday, "Can I go next door and play too?" every fifteen minutes. UGH! I'm sure when the newness wears off it will be fine.

It's the last week of school! Yay! Tuesday is Field Day so I am going to dress pirate-ish and hang with the kids all day. I hope the sun comes out!

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