Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Heavy Metal

I went for a bike ride after My Honey got home from work. I have a triathlon in 6 weeks so I am working out after he gets home from work.

I loaded up the bike, drove down to the 7-11, parked and started to ride the loop. I got part way around and started to wonder if my chain was okay, it had skipped the last time I rode and it was making funny noises. Oh well, I decided to just go on anyway. I got toward the end of the loop and noticed a sign:
oh. shit.
And then the chain came off my bike.
double shit.
Huh. So I walked it to my sister's house and begged a ride to my car. Luckily her hubby is a bike guru so he fixed it and gave me some advice on how to prevent it from happening again. So this is today's picture:

Freaking thing was "heavy metal" pushing it uphill :)


Misty Viebrock said...

Work out nonetheless! Love ya Rainey!


Dawn said...

That's definitely some heavy metal! Glad you didn't have to walk that all the way home with a broken chain. Are you doing the Chelan Man triathlon?