Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tree House

Did you ever want a tree house when you were a kid? I know this looks a lot more like a tree condo, but we are calling it a tree house.

It was built from a plan in my Honey's head, with help from his dad and, of course, Bubba.

They started two weeks ago, and finished early this week, Monday or Tuesday night. Isn't it great?? I just love it!

So far Bubba hasn't played in it at all. Not suprising, since he doesn't like to be alone, plus we have been very busy and the weather wasn't the best either. Hopefully all the work will be worth it and he will get a ton of play out of it this summer! And even if he doesn't, the pride he feels for "building" it and how proud I am of my Honey are worth it.

Stats on the tree house:
Its just shy of 8'x10'. 6' high inside. 2x4 construction on 4-4x4 posts, kind of like how you would build a deck. Then my Honey added walls and fencing boards for the siding and roof. The tree in the far corner is actually IN the tree house, because my Honey built the tree house around the tree. I think it is the coolest thing ever and so does Bubba!

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