Friday, May 19, 2006

Preschool trouble

Can you believe that Bubba is getting in trouble at preschool?? He is. He and his Best Buddy (BB) are disruptive. Bubba is often sent to the "table for one" (Montessori "time out") to get ahold of himself because he is being too loud. Not bad, just loud in the classroom.

So yesterday my Honey drove BB and Bubba to preschool in the jeep with the top off. Thats a huge treat!! Needless to say they were both wound tight. To the point of the teacher Miss C asking me if I would consider putting Bubba in the afternoon class next year so that they wouldn't be together because they cause such a disruption in the classroom. YIKES!! Actually, I think it is hilarious!! I understand the seriousness of it too, we are going to work with Bubba and BB to help them help eachother get control because they really like eachother and neither of them have any other friends. Thats one of the trials of having grandma watch the kids, no social circle. But the joy of it is never having to worry about who is with my kids so the pay-off has been worth it.

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