Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shots and hurricanes

Yesterday (although its 3am so it still feels like today) was Punkin Head's 6 month check up. She checks out fine except for that exceptionally large head of hers. It is off the charts - but so was Bubba's at 6 months. She weighed in at 18.5 pounds - and yes that is GIANT size for a 6 month old (also following in Bubba's footsteps) and I believe she was 26". She just keeps growing and growing. She also had to get shots. 2 in each leg. She was so brave. She just cried a tiny bit and then actually SMILED at the nurse. What a nice girl. This does not follow in the footsteps of her brother who used to pass out from crying. We used to call them "blue faced fits" and had to warn the babysitters so they wouldn't call 911 - true story!

Speaking of Bubba, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday he kept asking about hurricanes. What are they, why? Do they kill people, why? Could they happen "in our world", why? ("In our world" means where we live in 4 1/2 year old speak). So finally Sunday afternoon I asked him if he wanted to look hurricanes up on the computer and see what it had to say. Okay he tells me. So we did. We used Encarta and had a great time checking out a few video clips, looking at the map of the world to see where they happen and where we live and does it look like there are any hurricane patterns around us? No he realized there aren't. Whew! Hurricane season at my house is finally done. But I had to wonder where the sudden obsession came from. So when my Honey called I mentioned it to him. Turns out we had a dust storm then a heavy rain here on Thursday night that must have started him thinking about hurricanes from what he had seen on TV. (Yes we let our kids see destruction on TV) and he must have worried that we were having a hurricane and that it would destroy "our world". Such a sensitive kid. Not sensitive like he cried with worry but sensitive more like obsessive. Do those two work together?? Anyway that was that. After we looked it up, no more questions about hurricanes! Amazing kid.

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