Sunday, January 04, 2009


3am. Whew it was early. Only 6 more months!

And it was slow so that didn't help at all.

My computer has something wrong with it and I don't know how to fix it. If I try and search it comes up with ads. Nothin but ads. I really didn't care as long as I could get into blogger, but even that went to an ad today instead of the blogger page so now I am going to have to do something about it.

Speaking of my blog, I tried to change the template last night and failed miserably. Had to take it back to this again. I was a little bummed, but it will work out eventually.

I went and worked out after work today. I ran for a bit, walked and did legs. I did't think I did too bad, but I will definitely feel it tomorrow!

There is more snow predicted for tonight, 3-6 inches. Wouldn't it suck if it snowed so much that there was a snow day from school tomorrow? Yes, it would!

The kids were invited to go to a hockey game on Friday night, so I took them. Fun! Fun! Fun! Miss I has been asking and asking to go to hockey so she was very excited. We had a great time. We are going to another game on Friday night this week too, it should be a good time and a fun start to my long weekend. I hope I make it! I will have been up since 2am. Maybe I will see if Grandma can watch the kids for awhile so I can grab a nap ...

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Loidhamer Family said...

I'm sure you'll see some snow - we've already seen 4 inches fall since this afternoon! ours will turn to rain, but hopefully, yours will stay white and fluffy (but not be enough to cancel school!)