Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mo' sno'

I am not sure how much we are supposed to get, but its coming down pretty good right now and it hasn't warmed up much either.

I have been trying to get myself motivated to get Miss I into something, swim lessons or gymnastics or something. Swim lesson registration was last week, and of course I waited too long and the classes for her age group were full. But, lo and behold a new session of gymnastics start this week. So we went today. She was hilarious!

Keep in mind she has never been in any kind of class - well except for a nursery class at church, but that's hardly anything. So here we are with a dozen other little 3-5 year olds and a couple instructors telling them what to do. She did great! She sat back and watched the first activity, but joined right in when they did the stuff on the trampoline - look at her go!

I must say I was really impressed with Coach Pam. She didn't force Miss I to do anything, but still motivated her to do it all! She is great with the kids. They did a cute little warm up; run to an animal rug, do 10 jumping jacks, run back to the line. Then did several different trampoline activities; jump with your feet together, jump with them apart. And then they did an obstacle course where they had to do several different activities; slide down the slide, do a somersault, some kind of jump, hold themselves up on the parallel bars. Miss I did a super good job paying attention and following directions and waiting her turn. I loved it! Not to mention gymnastics are just something I love anyway.

So we will go once a week on Tuesday mornings. That way it's just me that has to get her anywhere and it shouldn't be that overwhelming the class is at 9 so there is just enough time to get there after dropping Bubba off at school and it's my day off so it should work out pretty good.

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