Monday, January 12, 2009


Ahhhh, finally. The computer runs much better.

After My Honey tried to do something on my laptop, he realized it was running really, really slow and had this GREAT idea: why don't we un-install and reinstall everything? I love it when HE has a great idea! Stuff gets done. Pretty much I was afraid to do it. If I ruin some kind of electronic equipment I will never live it down, if he does something wrong, on the other hand ... Well, suffice it to say that I wouldn't EVER make him feel bad about it since I didn't want to do it in the first place!

So I spent a couple hours saving things to our external hard drive-thing and then he spent a couple hours working on it reinstalling everything and BAM! The thing runs like its brand new. I promise not to download stupid things ever again. :)

A couple girls from work and I went to Mission Ridge for their music series on Saturday night. Fun, fun, fun! I can't wait to go back on the 21st of Feb for Fat Happy. They're a fun local group of guys I went to school with. My Honey and I actually talked about taking a lesson and skiing that day too. Stay tuned to see how that turns out.

LK is coming to town this weekend! YAY! I took Sunday off so we can hang and there isn't any school on Monday so we'll do something fun with all the kids.

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