Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So we are going to keep Karate. Bubba was promoted into the beginning class for 7 years and older. Thank goodness!! I was seriously about one week away from taking him out! It should be a good change. (Yes, I did talk to the owners of the studio. I don't know if that really had anything to do with it, but I feel better having done it.)

LK and Mason were here for the weekend. WHEW! It's a lot of fun to have them over :) But its exhausting in many ways too! Thanks, LK for keeping up on my dishes and helping with dinner and bed time and everything you did. INCLUDING an early morning workout! She got to see the sun on her way home and I am WAY jealous of that.

One of the dispatchers I helped train was shipped to Afghanistan a few months ago as a National Guardsman with the Army. He is home on R & R for two weeks and tonight there was a get together at one of the local Mexican joints. I am bummed I missed it, it would have been fun. Unfortunately, it started at 7pm and I work at 3am so .... well, you do the math! Not only that, the kids would have been up way too late. I can't wait to hear the tale of how much fun everyone had!

And lastly ... well, I don't have a lastly. Back to work tomorrow/tonight/later - what ever you want to call 7 hours from now.

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