Wednesday, March 02, 2011


It's been so tough having a sick kid.

My Hannah is our lively one. She is talkative, imaginative and always on the go. For the past 20 days she has done nothing, and I mean NOTHING, but lie on the couch under her "stanky blanky." She has begged to get out so we have let her go to Grandmas a few times, but it exhausts her. She gets there and passes out. Oh, and all the visits to the Dr. office.

Mono is a bitch. But it's nothing. I mean it's symptoms are nothing. Fever. Tired. Achy. But it goes on and on and on. And on. And it is shrinking my already little girl. She has lost five pounds, and a TON of muscle tone. I can feel how her thighs have shrunken. They aren't getting any exercise. Oh, and that's another thing. She can't do any contact sports, or things that could injure her belly, like ride a bike, just in case she crashes or ice skate for several more weeks because it could rupture her spleen. Nice. Spring is going to be awesome.

I feel helpless. All I can do is get her what she wants to eat, fresh water (with ice) and "flap my blankie." She likes her blankie un-wrinkled (that's my girl). Her friends at pre-school made a "get well" banner and one of the girls I work with sent her a card in the mail.

Speaking of mail, I got an awesome, handmade card in the snail mail from my sister today. Thanks LK.

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