Thursday, March 10, 2011

75% there

Hannah is making a good recovery. Doctor says since the fever has been gone she is okay to go back to school (!!! yay !!!) tomorrow but she needs to be careful when she is playing with the kids. She is still tired and pale, but improving every day. I am glad to see bits and pieces of her personality return. Even the talkativeness (sort of).

Things are bustling around the house too. We are getting ready for a new dog. You'd think we were bringing home a new baby based on all the stuff we are doing! I guess it is kind of like a new baby isn't it? She gets a new kennel in her own corner of the yard which required two trees to be cut down. My Honey took care of those over the weekend and I went out and cut the branches off the limbs today so that they can be chipped. It was good, hard work. The kind I like. Physical labor. Something you can see the results of when you are done. Something that makes you want a cold beer at 2 in the afternoon. Not only do you want it, you deserve it! We also lost a small tree in the front during the winter, so it gives us some room to change it up a bit out there. It will be interesting to see what we end up with. I think we would both like to have less grass out front so this is an opportunity to do that.

We actually had snow flurries twice this week and it appears some kind of weather something is blowing in right now. Hopefully its not snow. I kind of like this fifty-degree-and-sunshine-stuff.

Hockey is nearing it's end. We have practices scheduled through the end of this month and that's it. Practice on Sunday was good. It was a 90 minute session with 20 minutes of warm up, 50 minutes of working on backwards skating and shooting and then a 20 minute scrimmage.

The backwards skating was good, I need to practice. I was not shifting my weight to the correct side to get the most out of my c-cut. Then Coach T had us practice backwards cross overs. Oh the challenge! She did such a great job of putting stuff together on a whim based on what we wanted. I was totally impressed. I am still sorting through my hockey stuff. Stay tuned.

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