Monday, March 14, 2011

Got whooped!

Holy cow! I had a stinking TEENAGER on my team yesterday for our scrimmage and she ran me! I got my aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass whooped. WHOOPED, I say! But in a good way.

I played wing, because I can do it without screwing too much up, and she was center. The centers work hard and the wings are there to help and protect and be open for a pass from them. This gal ... SHES FAST. Fast-fast. Whooped-my-ass-fast, did I mention that already? It was so good to be challenged that way tho. To keep up (and I nearly did) to be there, ready, hearing encouragement from the net (goalie) that I was in the right place, now I just need to work on receiving the puck and getting it IN THE NET. I had a couple good opportunities yesterday and I failed. Well, not so much failed as I don't have the skill for it. Another thing to work on. Add it to my list for S &P.

I must have done alright, I heard people yelling at me to keep with her, so I was doing the right thing, but I heard her yell at me to "defend the puck" only she said it more like "WOULD YOU DEFEND THE PUCK ...ugh!" sort of. But I'm alright with it. I'm in the right place, just need to work my stick which is no great surprise. OH! and the lady that I was so upset by a few weeks ago? She was yelling at me too, only in a good way. We were both playing wing, so we switched out (and she needed to switch a lot!! hee hee hee) but she was coaching me really well what to do and when I was off-sides. She even said "I'm only trying to help, you know that, right?" kind of apologetically, which I totally appreciated, but more than that, I knew she was helping and I needed it and I was alright with it.

Which reminds me of a story from work. I have this Sgt.with whom I had a major deal 4 or 5 years ago. So bad I sent a complaint to his Sheriff. Years have gone by, I have had to relive the conversation one time and it has never come up between us, at all. I have mentioned it to a few people here and there, but nothing intended to get back to him, except the letter to the Sheriff. In the past couple years we have found ourselves with common interests, kids, coffee and hockey to be specific.

Last week I saw an instant message from him and my first thought was "oh no, what did I forget?" so before I read it I was double checking everything. Not seeing any problems I went ahead and read the message which was just to update me on someone going home sick and someone else coming in. Oh. Oops. So I told him what I first thought, his reply? "I thought we were over that awhile ago." HA! We're over that. It was funny. And then the bully on the ice was trying to help me. I told my sister maybe its time for me to stop having these pre-conceived notions, judging people, putting them in boxes. Maybe.

Tonight I get to do another scrimmage. It should be fun with the learn to play hockey peeps. I would say kids, but I think its the adult class. I'm excited. And I get some free ice time - bonus :)

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LSL said...

Yay! You got whooped! It feels good sometimes, doesn't it? :)