Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Got Pummeled




and a few well chosen cuss words are all I remember from last night!
("a few" who am I kidding? I cussed A LOT!)

Coach T's Learn to Play class was full of guys; they play harder than our girls and they don't say "sorry" or check to see if you're okay. It was a good experience to get thrown around a bit. I am SORE today, especially my neck. I kept catching one of the guys' helmets on my helmet. Ouch. But, that means I was in his space, getting close, right where I need to be!

We played a 6-on-6 scrimmage with the clock running, 3-17 minute periods, no relief. That means we skated HARD for the whole time, our 6 were our team, there was no substitute, we switched positions, I got to try some defense for awhile (fun!) but we didn't get any long breaks. Brutal! But good!  I liked it, I like how I feel today, sore, a little encouraged (I was not the worst player out there, or the worst skater) but I realize I still have SO FAR to go. So. Far.  I am ready to do the work.

There was one other Banshee player there, we were on the same team during the tournament a few weeks ago, (jello-shot girl) so that was good and she asked if I am going to play Women's League ...Oohh really? Women's League? Let me look into that! I could use the practice and drop-in hockey is good practice. You never know who you're playing with or what position.

The weather is finally changing a little, there is still snow in the mountains, but its warming up down here. I went outside for a walk yesterday and hope to do that a few times a week with a run thrown in for good measure. A triathlon isn't quite out of the question. There is one nearby in late June and another not far away in August. The August one is called "Whiskey Dick" -- I just want the t-shirt! Plus I need to get going so I can keep up with the demands of the new dog. She is due this week which means we will have a new puppy in a mere 8 weeks! Yikes and Yay!

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LSL said...

Damn! You must be in some kind of shape to be able to keep up for that long. I think it's awesome.