Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I did yoga for about a year before Bubba was born and then off and on for the next few years until my instructor, Jen, was killed in a car crash.

Since then, I've tried a few classes but nothing really stuck; timing, schedule, child care etc.. But mostly I've come to think maybe I hadn't grieved her death, and accepted the fact that its okay to take a class and enjoy it from someone else.

I went to a yoga class Monday night that happened to be in the studio that Jen was remodeling and had plans to teach in before her death.

It was a bit emotional, but good. Really good. As we sat centering ourselves, I let a few tears fall, I reminded myself it was okay and I am pretty sure it would have been okay with Jen too.

The class is marketed as a recovery class for athletes who may forget to stretch or who may not get everything stretched real good. It's stretched real good now!

I'm glad I went. I'm going back Monday.

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