Friday, October 05, 2012

Different point of view

This is my usual road for walking the dog. It heads over to the right and then along that dark row of trees near the center of the screen and then, when we go really far we end up in the light-ish brown area above the dark row of trees. Yesterday we did 7.5 miles, today I wanted to hit a yoga class so we only got in 5.25 miles. And yoga was excellent. Totally worth cutting my walk short.

This is the hill across from where I usually walk. You can kind of see the trail near the top of the picture on the left. I saw what turned out to be a game trail on the other hillside so the dog and I traversed the canyon only to find the trail ended near an orchard. Good for the deer, not so much for us so we turned around and headed back the usual way.

I don't know. They just kind of looked cool.

I had hockey practice today too. According to one of those fitness apps I have burned damn-near 1300 calories today. Time to find me something to eat!!

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