Sunday, October 14, 2012

From this to that

Good riddance! We cleaned and cleaned and purged and purged yesterday. All. Day.
All. Day.
We now have closet doors that close, a kid-friendly-TV-room. We re-vamped the guest room/office and.... Well, lets just say its clean, organized and it was a lot of work.

It's amazing how this mess ...

Becomes these. My son can find what he wants in that hodge-podge and whip out a fly in just a couple minutes when he sets his mind to it. Ask him to clean it up tho and he goes into a zombie-like trance!

He's not the only artsy one in the family. My Honey made pancakes yesterday morning. This was Hannah's flower. Cute, no? She loved it. He also made an assault rifle and a fishing hook for Bubba.

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