Monday, October 15, 2012

A quick word about hockey

Note to self 1: Sports Authority and Dick's Sporting Goods don't carry hockey equipment. Boo.
Note to self 2: Your game rocked last night!

Let's talk about the scrimmage, shall we?  OKAY!

I spent the first half of the game playing defense (D) and I gotta say it felt pretty good --- well compared to last year and the year before. My game is coming along, I'm no intermediate player (far from it!) but I might be working my way to the upper end of novice. Half way through I changed to wing (RW) and I might have played pretty well there too. (For me, anyway.)

As D I think I was where I was supposed to be most of the time. In our defensive zone I was either defending my goal, or waiting to take the puck up the ice from my other D. I was playing on the right though, so every stinking pass was to my back hand. Not bad, it just needs work. I was trying real hard to skate to the puck, not just wait for it, and a couple times my other D and I had it together. Mostly we didn't, but it was our first time playing together. I'm not sure who is more unpredictable; me or her.

As RW I tried to stay close to the goal, took a couple shots. Nothing made it in. Once I was sure it was going in and when it didn't "SONOFABITCH!!! REALLY??!!!" might have been what I yelled at the goalie. We are good for a few laughs! I chased my offending wings down the ice like I'm supposed to, and I kept up with them(!).  I think I was close to where I was supposed to be, I'm sure I could have been better, but I tried really hard. I did hear one of the other gals say she needed some new moves against me ... that's gotta be good, right? OH! My tight turns? ROCKED IT! Well, better than before anyway. Those practices are doing me some good :)

We played three iron man periods, which means no changes, since we only had the minimum of 5 per team! Hard work! But a great work out. At some point I expect the picture of us all sprawled out on the ice between periods posted on FB -- gotta love FB. Classic hockey, everyone lying (literally) on the ice resting between periods!

It was really good to get on the ice with my gals in a scrimmage! Totally looking forward to our tournament in November!

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