Monday, November 05, 2012

It kind of looks like he's about to cry or something? We had just come down off the hillside after a near-three-mile hike and he stopped and asked me to take a picture of the way the hillside was formed. He thought it was cool. So I got him too. Lately hes not wanting to be in pictures so this is a treat for me! It was also a treat that he wanted to go -- he's almost eleven, you know.
He might be getting too old for hanging out with his mom ... :(

While on our hike, I wanted a picture of our feets.
He said "Cool, I like the way the colors contrast with the dirt."

In no time at all it will be wet and rainy or snowy or icy or all of the above so I am trying to enjoy our beautiful fall days before I start complaining about the cold.

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