Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The mall and a haircut

Remember few weeks ago when I took the kids to the mall to search for co-ax cable? How impressed I was with Miss I that she sat so patiently while we ate ice cream? Well, a week or so later I took Bubba and myself to get haircuts at Super Cuts or somewhere like that. Miss I tagged along and I worried how she would do. She did super! She is growing into this patient, caring little lady :) While we were sitting in our chairs she came over to me and says in her very cute 4-year old voice "Mama, how you doing? You need anyfing?" (!) After the shock wore off, and the question registered I told her I was fine. "Okay, I go check on Bubba." So she did! Same thing, she sets her little hand on his arm and says "Bubba, how you doing? You need anyfing?" A-damn-dorable. I loved it. Its fun to watch them grow in to these little persons you had no idea were in there!

As for Bubba, he's maturing too. I had a dentist appointment a couple weeks ago and dropped him off at grandmas while I went. Everything seemed fine at her house, the car was there, so I let him hop out of the car and go in by himself (he is eight, you know). I got across town to the dentist and checked my phone to find a couple missed calls and voice mails from grandmas house. Hmmmm. I checked the first message and its Bubba "Hi, Mom, this is your son, Bubba. Um, there's no one home at Grandmas house. I checked all over and can't seem to find them. So call me when you get this message. Okay.... bye."

I immediately go into crisis mode - "Where is grandma? Why was the car there? I should have walked him in. What about my tooth? She must be in the back yard. He must be freaking out! I'm here, I will go in and re-schedule. Call Bubba." So I call and he breaks down. "Mom, (sob) I looked everywhere, shes not here. (sob) I called Aunt A, (sob) she is on her way over. (sob) Can you come and get me? (sob)" He walked through the house and yard with me on the phone, I told the dentist office I had a babysitter crisis and they told me they were running 30 minutes behind which was just enough time to go get him.

So, with Bubba still on the phone I head back across town to pick him up. As I get a few blocks down the road he tells me grandma is pulling up in a friends car and everything is alright. Whew! What a smart kid though. At 8 he had the wherewithal to remember my cell phone number, call and leave a message. Then he thought of a backup plan, called Auntie to see if she could come rescue him. Again, pulling her number from his memory. I was totally impressed! It made my day that he was able to think on his feet like that.

Those are my totally proud parent moments from the past month.

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LSL said...

Those are a couple of smart cookies you have there. I'd be proud, too :)