Thursday, April 01, 2010


It's a good thing I wrote such nice things about my kids the other day because I sure ain't feeling it today.

My wonderful, maturing son, the one who can't get himself dressed, can't seem to find shoes that match and cannot stop singing The Star Spangled Banner no matter how much I yell.

My darling, thoughtful daughter who must antagonize us all. She is a little thing, I tell you. Unfortunately, she is a lot like me and I can't help myself but laugh. I truly don't know what to do with her. When its the two of us we do alright, throw that third person in there and all hell breaks loose. It's almost like she is a show off and trying to see how far she can push us, which is fine, I can ignore her. But her brother must be a tattle tale and keep me up to date second by second what is going on. Mostly, if she's not going to hurt herself or anyone else, I don't care. My motto is "if I see a problem I will take care of it" but there is some kind of fairness button in Bubba that gets pushed and he just feels the need to intervene.

Heaven help us! So today, after being with them for nearly a week, I finally said "TIME OUT!!! EVERYONE TO THEIR ROOMS." Actually Bubba suggested it and I totally said YES! So we all rested. *sigh* I should have set the timer for more than an hour! But is was nice and they are totally chill right now which is relaxing.

I am sure its all the hype that has been our Spring Break. Soccer started, we had 3 days of family at our house, daily soccer camp, 2 days of a sick mom, 1 day of a sick Bubba, more family in town, Easter coming, hockey game playoffs this weekend and .... I am sure I missed something. It's been and gonna be busy till Monday when school starts back up and we get back on a schedule.

I am tempted to take the kids on another Letterbox adventure tomorrow with the intention of replacing the one I know is missing and then hunting for/replacing a second one if we find its not there.

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The Loidhamer Family said...

Do it, do it, do it!!! Also check out AtlasQuest. I signed up with them and there are tons more boxes listed and good info as to which ones are still active.