Friday, March 26, 2010

Home sweet home

Bellingham was a whirlwind trip. Got up early Wed, went for a swim, got the kids off to school, got a massage, left town for Bellingham by 1030. The drive was beautiful! Quiet, except for whatever I wanted to hear and yummy ...

Everything is in bloom on the west side of the state, once I reached Monroe the smells were so delicious that I left my window down, until I hit the stinky-shit-smelling-slough (peeeeyew!) The weather was in the mid 70's which was so nice. BUT, I didn't have the courage to get off the highway and find me something to take a picture or 10 of. And, mostly, I'm alright with that. I did spend a couple hours shopping at the outlet mall, found jammies for the kids and LOTS of other stuff I could have bought, but I restrained myself!

I met up with one of my co-workers in the hotel lobby for free cheese & wine (yeah FREE WINE) then we headed to the bar for happy hour, I mean dinner. We retreated to my room for some chat-time and then met the rest of our group in the bar for more beer. Unfortunately, I had one too many and paid the price yesterday. UGH!

The training,"Emotional Survival," was really good (despite a hangover). I don't quite know how to describe it. The presenter, Dr. Gilmartin, had a lot of good things to say about being in public safety and keeping some regular things in your life (workouts, sports, outside interests, church) to keep you balanced. Quite a bit to chew on, I definitely needed to hear it. And then onto home. I got home around 8:30 last night and crashed around 9. Whew!

Today my niece is here and LK is on her way! So we are going to have a full house! I can't wait. Guess I better get back to cleaning :)

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