Monday, March 29, 2010

Not me!

Oy! I think I am sick.
Sore throat - like razor blades slicing through it when I swallow
Plugged up ears - like wet cotton balls stuffed in them
Mildly stuffy nose - just enough to annoy me
A bit achy -
Oh yeah and the cough from hell - starts somewhere near the bottom of my sternum and feels like I am coughing up the razors that are slicing through my throat. Nice, dry hacking cough (maybe I should have been a smoker, something to blame the cough on)
Oh shit! The sneezes hurt like hell too.

Would a day of rest make me well. That is the question.
Would going in make others sick? Should be considered too.

Bummer deal. Helluva week to call out sick. Several people are already out for spring break. Oh well, I can't let that decide weather I go in or not.

Otherwise, a perfect weekend! LK and Boy-cousin came to town. Girl-cousin visited every day, since her parents were out of town, so we had a house full Friday, Saturday & Sunday! My Mom and Auntie Aunt even brought over dinner on Sunday which was a very nice treat. Thanks girls!

Friday afternoon we just let them play and play and play. Saturday morning Bubba had soccer practice so we all headed to the school. The little kids and Girl-cousin played on the toys while Bubba did practice. Later we took them all to see How To Tame A Dragon (in 3D). Cute show :) They all liked it. Sunday we lazed around until the weather improved and then we went on a letterbox adventure.

Unfortunately, the letterbox was gone, but each of the kids started their own book of stamps and drawings. The idea is great, it's basically a scavenger hunt to find a weather-proof box with a stamp in it. You stamp that stamp in your book and put your personal stamp in the book in the box. Apparently at one time there were 4 of them around town. I have my doubts weather they are still there or not based on our first adventure. BUT we did make the most of the adventure part and told the kids ahead of time that there might not be a treasure box at the end, but they could pick out their own treasure from the park around us. It all worked out.

LK and Boy-Cousin took off in the late afternoon, Mom, Auntie-Aunt and Girl-cousin left after dinner and we all crashed. I was starting to feel puny and had to work at 3am so it wasn't hard to talk me into bedtime!

So, I wonder if 7-9 hours of sleep will help me feel better or not?
Gonna go find out.

Update: I called out sick. I feel like a whimp. But I can't do it.


The Loidhamer Family said...

Sorry you're sick. I hope we don't get it. It sounds like something different than what we had last week. Get well soon! And this should be the first of many warm weather adventures for us.

Misty Viebrock said...

I feel ya. Ben & Bailey both on antibiotics starting the weekend - Owen went to the Redi-Medi clinic today and got on a Z-Pak and because he loves me so much he convinced the PA to call me in a Z PAK too over here in Burien. God I love that man. So we are a family on the Biotics!

Feel better Rainey!