Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring (Ahead) Cleaning

Bored. Sometimes I just get bored so I change something. Today, I changed the living room. I like it. I asked My Honey what he thought and he gave me the ideas so I implemented them. I must say, it turned out nice.

There is this one corner where I have wanted to put the TV for a long time, alas, there is no cable there. Since we rely heavily on Sponge Bob as a babysitter, it was not an option to move the TV there. Until today. Enter My Honey. Since it was his idea, he went under the house and ran the cable and voila! I have cable in the unreachable corner of the living room. I love it! So many more options now.

As we get closer to re-doing this room, it changes my ideas a little to have that corner available now. And that's what I did most of the day. Cleaned and re-arranged furniture.

Finally, around 2 I showered and the kids and I went to the mall to get some co-ax cable for the TV project. While we were there I also bought the kids sandals (love Ross) and me a green t-shirt (turns out I am cool enough for Zumiez) for work on Wednesday - Remember, it's St. Patricks Day folks. Of course, the kids wanted to ride the (rip-off) rides and get ice cream. So, me being the sometimes impatient, mean Mom I am, I made them choose one or the other. Serves me right! Bubba chose ice cream and Miss I chose a ride. I must say Miss I was very patient while we ate ice cream, only asked once or twice for a bite and then was perfectly happy with two rides on those silly machines. What a trooper!

Unfortunately, Radio Shack didn't have the right length of co-ax so we had to go to Fred Meyer. Unfortunately, Fred Meyer also sells Wii games. I'm still thinking I want Guitar Hero, but then again, there's Dance Dance Revolution ...

I don't think I mentioned Guitar Hero did I? About a month ago one of my girls, JP, invited me over after work for wine and Guitar Hero. She schooled me! I suck! Hugely! Very bad! I nearly went and bought it that day so I could practice because I was so bad. So. Bad. My new Metallica shirt didn't even help! Anyway, I have coveted the game for nearly a month now ... I might have to play a little Wii somethin'-somthin' tonite to get my fix.



The Loidhamer Family said...

I vote DDR. I'd totally play that when we come to visit next!

Rainey said...

THAT might just be the motivation I need .... I could win if I start to practice now!!1