Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dry Run

We had a summer-vacation-type day today.

My Honey was gone golfing so it was just me and the kids. We fiddly-farted around for a couple hours then decided to grab a late breakfast and go to the park. We played around there until noon or so then went home for naps. I could get used to that kind of life for the next few months!

We didn't actually "fiddly-fart" around. I got up and went for a bike ride early this morning, then I came home and we did stuff outside ... I gave my least favorite bush a massive trim, I figure if I keep going shorter each year I can finally get rid of the dang thing eventually. Did some weeding, picked some peonies and put them inside (boy do I need a new vase!) I also cleaned out the boat which means we can get it in the water soon! I am so very happy about that. Its been quite a few seasons since its been in the water more than once, hopefully we can get it in the water on a regular (weekly) basis this year. I'm motivated enough that I want to learn to back the doggone thing in so we can make it happen.

Its the last week of school for Bubba so it will be a fun one. Field day, a Father's Day lunch and a first grade class picnic. That last week of school is so worthless! But sooooo fun!

And work. Well, lets just say I was right, I have not spent 40 hours at work all month! Yay for me. This past week I took Friday off to take my mom to Seattle for an Alaskan Cruise with LK and I am taking Wednesday off for ... hmmm, lets see, because an issue has become so convoluted that it takes an uninvolved third party to figure out who is right. Wish me luck.

After meeting up with my sister and getting them off on their cruise I took Miss I shopping with my Dad's wife. We had fun! Then we stayed overnight, she went horse back riding for the first time, I nearly crashed the car and then we fought (until she fell asleep) on the way home. It. Was. Great. Can't wait to do it again. Actually I did kind of crash the car, there just wasn't any damage. Gotta love it when you drive off the edge of the driveway in an AWD vehicle. It's not MEANT to do that, but it can tolerate it a time or two. Sheesh!

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