Thursday, May 07, 2009

Try A Tri

Why the hell not? Me and some friends are gonna do it, you should too!

My cousin and I talked about it last fall, I think she is still on board, now there are even a couple gals from work that are gonna do it too. What can it hurt? Who can't take a short swim in beautiful Lake Chelan, (1/4 mile) ride a few miles (13 miles) and then take a little jog (5K)? We're gonna try, you should too!

There are a TON of training plans out there, just search something like "8 week triathlon training plans" and see all the choices you get! Contrary to popular belief, WINNING isn't the goal, FINISHING is. So what if it takes 2.5 or 3 hours? Then again, if there are age categories, I'm golden! Just kidding. Now, if I can get through training without breaking any bones!

What I did today:
Biked, uphill a lot against the wind 5.5 miles
Ran, pretty puny run (1 mile) after a short aerobics class, but I did it

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