Saturday, May 16, 2009

Miss you

We're getting out of Dodge. Going to Arizona! Just me and My Honey. Flying out tomorrow. YAY!!! I am really looking forward to the one hundred degree days by the pool with nothing to do and no one to worry about but me. Sure, I'll miss the kids, I may even miss work (hahahahahaha) but I can't wait to just sit around and take care of me in the way I like to; no one and nothing to be responsible for but me.

I think I have everything arranged, and I just got a great idea for getting Harry to Karate ... I was going to let him skip it next week, but I think I may be able to arrange it after all.

Today hasn't quite gone as planned. In fact, the whole week has been kind of that way. There are a couple of situations as a mom, as a wife and at work that have really shaken my confidence. Maybe some time away and some self-medicating will help?

Today I thought we had a soccer game. OOPS, wrong week. Fortunately that gives us an extra couple hours in the day! Just enough time to download all my cd's again. I goofed up the last time I bought some songs and erased my library. I didn't think it was that big of a deal ... Turns out it's really gone. Can't get anything I have purchased back. Now I am considering if it's worth the extra five bucks to just go buy my own cd's again? Then I have my hard copy and the lyrics too. I miss not getting lyrics. I know, I know, there are ways to get stuff for free, maybe I will look into that too. (I better be careful huh? Maybe the feds are watching...)

I had one great week of tri-training, but, as I said I had a couple confidence shakers and haven't gotten back onto the training wagon yet, plus I was thinking about VACATION so I got distracted.

My plan is to do swimming early on Monday mornings, strength training on Tuesdays and maybe throw a run in. Wednesdays I think I need to take off, I can't fit it in with all the other stuff going on. Thursdays I want to ride after work and run on Fridays after work. Saturdays, depending on the week, will either be a ride in the morning or after work, maybe a run. Or thats what I would like to TRY and do. I think its manageable, it works out when the kids (and My Honey) are otherwise occupied so I don't have any child care issues. Sounds workable....

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The Loidhamer Family said...

You can do it! Just think how proud you'll be of yourself when you're crossing the finish line (and in the top of your age group)!