Saturday, May 02, 2009


I am so far behind. Its kind of a state everywhere! Not just here, in the blogosphere, but my house is falling apart (its dirty, dirty, dirty. Would someone please come to visit so I would have a reason to clean?) Work is picking up, and it was APPLE BLOSSOM!

I love the AB festival. I love the music, the smells, the sights, the parade, the everything! We watched the parade from downtown today, participated in the Fun Run, tried to eat lunch at the park, but it started to rain (unfortunately, everyone else had the McDonald's idea too so we ended up with grilled cheese at home) and then took a LONG nap, well Miss I and I did. Three hours. When was the last time I took a three hour nap? Sheesh.

We have also been full swing into soccer, karate and some medical things. My Honey's dad had unexpected open heart surgery(!) Yeah, I know! He's doing great and expected to be released tomorrow to go home. Apparently open heart surgery is pretty routine these days. They were able to do the surgery here in our hometown, he was up and walking within 24 hours, and he's being released just 4 days after the surgery. Amazing. The first time around (15 years ago) it was much different. I think he spent at least a week over in Seattle and they pretty much kept him bedded for several weeks as I recall. It was just a couple years into our marriage so I really don't remember much of it. (Those first few years are kind of a fitting-in time.) Anyway, he's doing well and we are all very thankful!

Back to Apple Blossom! One thing I remember, after over 30 years of watching parades is this: the motorcycle cops from Seattle! They are my favorite. Mostly because they were my Grandma's favorite. Seems to me she KNEW some of them somehow... Anyway, they would ride by where ever we watched the parade that year and she would just beam, she always seemed so proud. I don't have any idea how she knew them, but she loved them! And so do I. It's pretty awesome how they can maneuver those monster bikes around in such tight formation. Always very impressive.

What else? Oh yeah, the Fam Damily BBQ. Success! My brother cooked (he's welcome to come over anytime to do that) and there were about 20 of us here. My sisters, the kids, my step-dad, mom, my dad's mom (yeah, I know, my mom & step-dad who are divorced and my dad's mom ... weird) my auntie her friends that were in town for the weekend, my brother and his baby's mamma. What a blast! I had a great time, made even better since I wasn't cooking! I would do it again!

Oh and hockey! We went to two hockey games in the past couple weeks! Our Wenatchee Wild made it to some kind of championship game in Iowa and now they are in the finals tomorrow! Unfortunately they're playing a team that crushed them 6-0 last week, but you never know! GO WILD!

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The Loidhamer Family said...

You're never going to wish you had a cleaner house - enjoy the day with the kids!!!