Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Feild Day

What fun! Field Day was a blast. I linked to last year's report so I don't have to repeat myself about what it's not.

My station this year was a relay-type race. What a blast! Great music, the MC did a great job again, and we got to do the chicken dance, some stomping song and the YMCA at the end. Its not very often I dance, but with 7 and 8 year olds, who cares? I tried to put it out of my mind that there were other adults there, I really didn't care, Bubba and I were having too much fun!

The BEST part was that Walt, the Wild mascot was there and so was their star goalie. Fun stuff. I was able to hang with Bubba's class at the tug-of-war station (did you know the rope actually has handles on it now so kids don't get rope burn?) and help the girls tug to victory over the boys.

They do a good job getting it organized, the kids go from station to station every 10 minutes. It works really good, they even have a rest/water station and a Popsicle station, now that's thinking!

Fun day, but there are only 3 more school days left...

Re-reading that post from last year made me laugh. Our lunch-fights were "TAKE HOT LUNCH, I DON'T WANT TO MAKE A LUNCH TODAY."

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