Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week One

We survived week one.

I had Monday and Tuesday off so I made sure to take the kids to the park each day. I had a great idea to take them on a bike ride one of the days. Turned out not to be a good idea. Miss I isn't fast enough for me to actually bike with, so I had to walk my bike and then, of course, Miss I wanted to walk her bike too. It was a lot more tiring than it should have been! We did get a great treat at the bakery tho :)

Wednesday through Friday Grandma had the kids. She took them to the park every day too so they had a LOT of outside time. I also found them working on reading or writing each afternoon when I picked them up. That's a great grandma!

I got them signed up for swim lessons for the next two weeks and Bubba enrolled in a "Super Cool Science Camp" as well as a few weeks of a parks and rec program. Plus we are keeping Karate and the kids each get to do 4 gymnastics classes. Hopefully the variety will be good.

I am still planning on doing that triathlon in July, but I have not been able to keep a regular workout routine. Fortunately, today I got out for a bike ride and a run. I did a 10 mile ride and then a run. I have no idea how far I ran, I took a few walk breaks, but I know I covered at least the distance that I will have to do for the Tri. My Honey suggested that I just go out and do whatever, ride, run, walk for 2 hours since that is around how long it will take to complete the race. (I would like to keep it under 90 minutes, but we shall see.) It was good advice! Hopefully I can do a few more days of that before the race.

Time to go get cleaned up, we have a birthday party to go to!

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