Thursday, June 04, 2009

DW is gonna kill me

Isn't she adorable? That was nearly 2 years ago at a going away party for a friend of ours, that ended up coming home. And let me just say we both look WAY better now! :)

That baby in her belly will be 2 next month, hard to believe. But the reason I posted that picture is because I went and got that haircut today. Except I don't have blond hair anymore, its kind of ... well, coppery. Lets just say it was a home kit (or two) mishap and then a color correction. Fortunately my hair didn't all fall out! But I am stuck with a darker color than normal for another month or so, I kind of want to let my hair "rest" for awhile! But I am excited that I got it cut and it looks pretty cute. Just right for summer.

PS DW, I gave that picture to KB for the album for WP, hope you don't mind. It really is adorable!

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Wentworth Family Blog said...

Oh NO you didn't!!! Just kidding, other than the weird look on my face, it's not all that bad. LOL