Monday, June 29, 2009


Sadly, my camera broke again. The lens isn't retracting like it is supposed to.

My son saw something on TV about witches and warlocks, enough to get his little mind spinning and now he's afraid of everything. Going upstairs to go to the bathroom, going into a dark room to turn on the light, everything. Any suggestions??

We are into week 4, a much less busy week. Bubba is going to a Super Cool Science Camp, and karate and that is it. Good thing because my work schedule is HELL. 12 hour shifts from 3am to 3pm on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. Just a few more of these 3am shifts and its nights for me! Instead of going TO work at 3am, I will be coming home FROM work at 3am. Quite a change, but I am looking forward to it. I will miss my daytime cops, but ... well the break from them will be good too.

Just a couple more weeks and we go camping! I bought a new tent, the one we used 10 years ago just wasn't going to be big enough for all of us. I thought I would give setting it up a try the day we bought it. Thing is, it had been awhile since I set up a tent and I forgot to do one teeny, tiny, little thing ... stick the pin-thingys in the ends of the poles. For the life of me I could NOT figure out why the rings were climbing up the poles and why the corners weren't tight and why the dang thing wasn't staying put. My Honey got home and asked why I hadn't put the pins in the ends of the poles and I was "OH! That's what is wrong!!" Quite a blond moment! Time to get my hair done I guess.

Speaking of my hair... I had a very bad dye job awhile ago. I will never do it again myself I promise. It's worth the hundred bucks to have a professional do it! I currently sport a reddish-coppery-brownish color that's alright, but just not me. Soon I will get it done again to my regular blondeish highlighted beauty. By a professional! I should get right on that, I have a class reunion coming up very soon. Am I really old enough to have been graduated for 20 years? Whenever I say it I feel very, very old. Very.

My workouts have been hit and miss. This is worrisome because I plan to do a triathlon next month. In less than a month in fact. Wish me luck!


The Loidhamer Family said...

Mason was scared of everything a while ago, also, until I told him if he was going to get scared of things on TV, all he was going to get to watch was Carebears and Strawberry Shortcake. I think Dora would be just as effective and actually doable in your home. He was horrified. He cried and said "Those shows are for girls, Mom!" It worked like a champ for us and he's not been "scared" since.

The Loidhamer Family said...

Sorry about your camera. Under warranty???