Friday, June 26, 2009

Week Three

This happened last week. I think it loses something in translation, its a much better story "in person" but I was encouraged to post it, so here it is:

We had sent the kids out to play with each other in the back yard so we could get dinner going the other night.

Bubba comes hollering from the back into the garage "she hit me, Miss I hit me." It's not unusual, but we have been trying to be more consistent disciplining this particular kind of thing recently.

Anyway, I turn around and see Miss I haul off and (try) to hit him in the back. I sent her to her room and tried to console Bubba.

A few minutes later I went into Miss I's room "Tell me what happened. Why are you up here?" I ask. "Bubba was going to push me in the swing and I didn't want it so I hit him in the privates" she tells me completely straight faced in her 3 year old voice, complete with speech impediments (privates sounded more like "pybets"). It was all I could do not to start laughing so hard I cried right there. Luckily, I was sitting on the floor so I was able to hang my head so she didn't see me crack up. When I had composed myself enough, I looked at her and told her to stay where she was, I would tell her when her time was up.

HOLY COW! It was so stinking funny. And she kept saying "I hit him in the pybets, I hit him in the pybets" in a sing-song voice over and over as I tried to compose myself. Of course, I had to go tell her dad right away, he clutches his chest and gasps as he tried not to laugh out loud. She is something else. Never a dull moment!

That was part of week two.

Week three started out very bad. I picked the kids up from Grandma's on Wednesday and she was all but hitting them in the butt with the door on the way out they had been so bad. That kind of behavior continued until bedtime I guess. Fortunately, I don't have bedtime duty right now, I am usually in bed and/or asleep by 8, but they were at each other's throats the whole evening. I think they are spending TOO MUCH time together. Thankfully, Bubba has Super Cool Science Camp next week and I think that will help!

They both had swim lessons the past two weeks which was fun. I wish I had thought to sign Miss I up again, but I was kind of single-minded thinking they BOTH had to do it... duh, she can do swim lessons alone.

We are planning a camping trip in a few weeks, I can hardly wait! Sort of. I am a little concerned that things might not go very well, but the kids are excited, we are staying close to home if we need to come back and ... well, you never know till you try, right?

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