Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I tell you what, we had style! 70's style. That is me and my sister in handmade outfits. Stylin'! (I'm guessing I was around 6 and she was 2, maybe 7 and 3 ... Bubba and Miss I's ages)

We've made it through two weeks with no accidents (except the ones I mentioned already) so I can confidently say Miss I is potty trained! She even used a bathroom in a restaurant at lunch today. Thank goodness that is over! But now she thinks she can tie her shoes, make a sandwich, buckle her car seat and all kinds of other big-kid things. Oh well, one thing at a time!

Spring break is going. Bubba was out of school on Thursday and Friday because of conferences - instead of 1/2 days all week, they just didn't have school at the end of the week. He spent those days at grandmas which was nice, he misses her. Monday we picked up Cousin M and went to see MONSTERS vs ALIENS. What a cool experience. I have not ever seen anything in 3D. Very cool! I would love to see that in an IMAX theater. The kids loved it!

Today he got to go to a YMCA program for the day. It's a good thing, he needs to get out of his comfort zone a little. Plus, I want him to go for a few weeks this summer so its good to get him a day or two experience!

What else? Soccer is in full swing. Practices this week and our first game on the 8th. Unfortunately there are 3 or 4 games I will miss because I will be out of town or working. I feel bad, but such is life.

While I was sick Bubba says to me "Mom, I like it when you're sick." I had a hunch what was coming next, and he didn't disappoint "Why Bub?" "Because you don't yell at us as much." Hmmmm, teachable moment "I like it when I am sick too, you listen to what I say and do it the first time so I don't have to yell as much." His response? "Oh."

A couple days later I was home sick from work, but cooking breakfast for the kids before school, and he says to me "Thanks for cooking breakfast even though you don't feel well Mom, that's really nice of you." Ain't he a sweet little suck up?

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