Sunday, April 05, 2009

Good Times

Its been a great weekend. I am hoping to close it out with getting the garden boxes ready, but I just keep thinking of how sore I will be tomorrow from shoveling and stuff like that. What a wimp!

We went to the WILD games Friday and Saturday - what fun! Unfortunately we lost on Friday in overtime, but we creamed them last night 8-2 so it will go at least two more games since the playoffs are best three out of five. Too bad I work next weekend. Its just too late to stay out till 11pm when I have to work at 3am. I think My Honey would really like to go, I hope we can make that work!

At Friday nights game we ran into some friends we don't see very often. In fact, we still have Christmas presents from TWO years ago for their kids. We were talking and laughing about that when She asked when we'd like to get together and do our gift exchange and I piped up and said "How about tomorrow before the game, come over for a barbecue?" And they did. I must say we made the best barbecue ribs EVER! I baked them in the oven, made a yummy sauce and then My Honey grilled them. MMMMMMMMM!!

It was fun to have a house full of people, we had them, their 3 kids, us, our 2 kids and another friend who had moved into a new house, who wants to try and find their dishes and food on the first night in a new house? Or the first week, or even the first month. Hell, we've been here for over 6 years and I still don't like to cook in the house!

AND! Its finally warm enough to wear shorts! I wore them all day yesterday, I love shorts season! I love warm weather! I love blue skies and sunshine! Ahhhh :)

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The Loidhamer Family said...

I sure hope it's still blue skies and sunshine when I come over in two weeks!
Good for you on inviting folks over and having a good time!