Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girly Girl

"I taw da pinseses!" I know she doesn't look thrilled, but she was, they gave her some trading cards and she has not let them out of her sight yet!

It was not the official kick off event, but Apple Blossom is underway this week! Miss I, My Honey and I went to a community BBQ in the park today, and Thursday is THE official start. My plan is to leave work early and get Bubba out of school for lunch ... lucky duck! I remember the privilege of getting out of school for a lunch with parents (not my parents, and I didn't come by it honestly, but it is still a great memory! Forging a note, squishing in the Porsche, I don't even remember where we ate ... maybe that burger joint on 5th St? Anyway, good times.)

It's been in the 80's which helps too. Last year was COLD, COLD, COLD. I remember shivering, wishing I had worn an extra shirt, and a hat, and gloves! Not this year, shorts and a t-shirt! Just the way it should be for Apple Blossom.

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