Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, spring is here. How do I know?

ANTS. Mother-trucking Ants.

I HATE ANTS. I hate that they get into my house, I hate that they get on the table, the carpet, the everything, I hate them. So I spent the past hour going around the perimeter of the house with ant killer-stuff. It pisses me off that they can even get into the house. Have I mentioned how much I hate them? I wish I could find a way to just kill them all at the beginning of the season and be done with it, but NO, they return, they have to be dealt with like 6 or 10 times each year. I hate them.

Whew! Now that that is out of the way, the good things about spring are: sunshine, my sunroof, the kids can play outside, sunshine, soccer starts (today), barbecuing, flowers and sunshine. Did I mention sunshine? Ah the sunshine. It's warming up too, it's more than fifty degrees today and that's nice because soccer practice won't be something to endure, it should be quite pleasant.

Speaking of soccer, Bubba has the same coach as last year. From what little I know about drafting teams, the coaches can usually choose a few, if not all, of their players and it makes me feel good that Coach B chose Bubba again! He's not a great player, so it will be nice that he knows the coach and at least one kid on the team.

As far as karate ... we are going to attempt to do both again this year. We might only do karate one night a week, depends on soccer practices and games, so the next six weeks or so will be busy, busy, busy. I wish it ended with a weekend at Guemes again, but I didn't get Memorial weekend off, in fact I work 3-12 hour shifts that weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). It's going to be killer, plus, I may switch with another gal and work Monday as well. UGH. I think we should start planning something for May. Vegas maybe or a weekend of golf? We enjoyed Alta Lake last year ... not a bad thought!

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