Friday, January 02, 2015

WoTY - Presence

Happy New Year!

I think its time to start writing in this space again. I feel like I should do some kind of update, but nothing changed. I still work, I still have kids, I still don't get enough sleep! I will share that for 2015 my Word of The Year is Presence with grow, sensual, listen, delight, surrender, becoming and expand chasers. Presence has been with me since fall, the other words appeared through creating a mandala. As usual I don't know where these words lead, but I definitely feel them working already.

Last years words were "home and intensity", which led to a lot of home projects; new shed, new party space outside, lots of parties! Some work in the front yard (more to come) and, right before Christmas the realization My Honey and I HATED our living space. The living room specifically, so we set to changing it. And now we enjoy it much more and it created an INDOOR party space which we used many times during Christmas. Intensity played out by reminding me to be more or less (usually less) intense in life. With kids, with co-workers, with myself.

My lovely sister gave me a couple wonderful books for my birthday in November, one is YOUR DAILY ROCK by Patti Digh. I've internet-stalked her a bit, love her art and words. In the past we have done daily books together, and so we go at it again! So lets see what she has to say for today:

Permission. Its about permission. Hmm, permission to screw up, permission to take a time out, permission to be gentle with myself. OR permission to have fun, to take Hannah to the movies, to take a walk and permission to enjoy it.

What will I give myself permission to do? Take a walk.
Right. Now.

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