Friday, January 02, 2015

The other thing

My sister and I also signed up for a journaling-ecourse-thing. 

Yesterdays prompts:
What I know about my own creative beginnings is… not much. I would say my Grandma had a lot to do with them, I remember cutting and pasting from magazines, which I have recently gotten back into ... But I spent MANY years doing nothing, for no particular reason except maybe it seemed silly or felt like a waste of time and then, soon, I forgot I had even been creative. 
The idea of starting to write brings up… Memories of high school English which reminds me of high school which I really didn't dig so it kind of brings up icky feelings because its sitting in my brain like an "assignment". I've never written to put a story on paper, except as an assignment, I have journaled for years to get out what I have trouble saying to people. I guess I need to wrap my brain around writing to write, not as an assignment.
What gets in my way when I want to write (or do something new)… EVERYTHING! I need to cook, clean, take down Christmas, take the kids to the movies, take a walk, draw a picture (I don't draw!) take a picture, figure out a new editing program, anything but write!
Make those obstacles into a list, titled No Matter What No matter what, I will spend a few minutes each day writing in January.
Today is:
I feel joy when… I take (what I think is) an awesome picture because I stopped. I was present ;)
Things that move my soul…My soul? What moves my soul? 
The river moving in me is… Does she mean what is that thing that gives me joy? Moves my soul? Hmmm, I guess I don't know.

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