Thursday, January 08, 2015

Daily Rock + Journaling


The thoughts that I notice when making my art include… I am easily distracted - but that is true for everything. For example, I copied and pasted these questions, then remembered another small project, then wanted to peruse the online library and then got back to these questions. I also may have had something to eat, checked my email, and instagram ....
The thoughts that get in the way of art-making… The other things I could/should be doing - laundry, dishes, taking a shower and the things I mentioned that I did.
The thoughts that support my art-making… At least I am thinking about it. 
If I let go of thinking of my work as good or bad, then… I guess I don't think of it as "work". It's just another thing I can do with my time. Maybe if I thought of it as work? But that would imply I am making it for someone else, to make money and I really just do whatever art for fun and relaxation and as a creative outlet.
I art I want to make more of is… Hmmm. Whatever strikes my fancy at the time.
Daily Rock:
I actually showed this book to one of my work girls the other day. She wasn't too taken by that particular day's message, but flipped through to a day where "breathe" was the message and shared that she has a temper sometimes (ha! don't we all?) and remembering to breathe would help her with that. Good job Daily Rock.
For today: How can I be someone's angel today? I may have already failed. Hannah has had a time with my night shifts. She is like a toddler with separation anxiety. Clingy, crying, whining, playing sick ... in short, making me crazy. This morning - which means when I have had 2.5 hours of sleep - she was all boo-hooing about not feeling well and how she is sick and has pink eye (which is true, but not a necessity to stay home for anymore) and on and on and on.... I was veeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrry impatient. Probably mean. Maybe a lot insensitive. But could I have been her angel by letting her stay home. No. Not really. That would have been the death of ME. Perhaps I can be more of an angel after school?
I may or may not go back to the journal questions I missed. Right now? Nah.

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