Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I have that wine tour thing on my mind again. I cant remember what pricked it today, but something did on my way home from work. I made mental notes of what my sister said at dinner about the rental car places and college students doing the work for me. I wonder what it would take to try and fail or try and succeed. Like how I think I am going to fail first? Anyway, its still there, bobbling around in my brain.

Also in my brain: another renovation. This time our house. The living room is actually coming together, I finally found some lighting I love, we found a pair of couches we like. Looking for end tables and a new dining room light, window and window coverings and then I think the work upstairs is done.

DOWNSTAIRS though is another story. We took out the wall between the laundry room and the bedroom next to it to create a larger, more useful utility room. My dream room has large counters for folding laundry and crafts, under counter storage; bins, drawers, and shelves for things like paper towels, dry the car towels, the kids and my craft junk and the printer. I don't know if I will get it all, but I'm gonna push for it :) Part of the plan is to leave it bedroom-enough it could be converted back into a bedroom if someone wanted to... Also on the agenda is getting that other room renovated to be a more usable space for watching TV and the kids to hang out. It's gonna take a lot more creativity from me I think. Maybe I can be in charge of designing the utility room and Harry can have the other room? Seems fair, right?

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