Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Take That!

I did that six mile hike I have been jones'n to do. It was good. Took about, well I can tell you exactly; it took one hour thirty-eight minutes and it was actually 6.12 miles. I was pretty focused, I thought I had a coffee date around noon, so I wanted to get up there and back and possibly shower, so I didn't stop for photos at all. Next time.

Lately the things on my mind are money (yeah, I know, me? money?), ego, marriage (twenty years in July, folks!), family, priorities, journeys, destinations. Some heavy stuff. I'm working some of it out on my walks so this space is kind of quiet regarding all of it. My pictures don't really reflect what is going on in my mind, just what I see when I am out and about, sometimes trying to escape from it, sometimes trying to work it out.

For the most part life is pretty simple right now. Even with adding swim twice a week for the kids, I don't feel really busy-overwhelmed like I have in the past. I think it helps that the lessons aren't until 5. We aren't rushing around right after school. I can actually get the kids home, work on dinner, get them to lessons, do a kid exchange, give finish-dinner directions, swim for myself and then go home to a pretty relaxed time. Dinner is nearly ready, the kids get fed and either watch some TV or go to their church activity. My Honey and I have been making a new habit of going grocery shopping while the kids are at church on Wednesday nights. Its working out really well. It helps him to know what there is around the house to eat, and it actually relieves my "I do everything" stress. Even though I am still doing it. Weird.

Back to my walks, I've been thinking about the type of music I am listening to. Its funny how life dictates what I am listening to. I have a band I LOVED a couple years ago, so I put them on last week and I found myself really annoyed at the whiny, depressing sound of them. I guess because that's just not where I am at right now. But it sure was then. So I've been searching for some new music. Any suggestions?

And so, that's the short story. Life is good, pretty complication-free. Sometimes I try to throw a monkey-wrench in it, but even those are working themselves out pretty well.

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