Thursday, May 31, 2012


These are two of my favorite Memorial Day camping photos. The first is the perfect kind of marshmallow, the huge ones, in a cuppa cocoa held by my new (12 year old) boyfriend and beer-fetcher.

This one is our campfire. We kept it burning the whole weekend, even when it was 80* out. I kind of think it was out of an unconscious love for our friends who couldn't go, due to a sick family member. They emailed us all previous to the trip to remind us to bring a lot of wood because they liked to have a campfire going all the time. I texted them that picture to let them know we were thinking of them.

It was a long week, I feel like I am still recuperating from my trip to Oregon and then camping for four days. But it was all good.

Very good, and I must say, for our first group camping experience, it was great. Even though none of us knew each other well, and the people I might have relied on to carry conversation weren't able to be there, we did fine. All the kids got along, all the adults found stuff to talk about, all the food was good and no one was injured. (Well, except for my skinned knee.) The boys all acquired or were allowed to use a pocket knife, the girls (who were lots older than Hannah) played with her patiently, and I learned a ton about lacrosse, mountain biking and fly fishing. We ventured up to Winthrop, a cute little cow-town up the way for ice cream and a little shopping, and stopped in Carlton at the Carlton General Store where Bubba hob-knobbed with the owner (who we met over the weekend) and got himself invited to go fly-fishing this summer when we are back up that way camping in August.

As for me, I sat around (literally), worked on my tan, played one game of horseshoes, a half a game of kick-the-can, one game of go-fish, and waited for my next bottle to appear. Fortunately, my phone broke (sad story, but its fixed now) so I was even unplugged, and I didn't DIE! The perfect weekend. It made me look forward to our August trip. Nothin but nothin for weeeeks!

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