Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving day

My sister and I spent 8 hours on the road yesterday hauling a truck and trailer of Mom's stuff to Oregon. Then we unloaded it, then we did a wee but of organizing it, then we ate at Nana's Irish Pub. Pretty darn good grub.

Later I headed north with my cousin to stay at her place. We stayed up entirely too late but it was a really nice, relaxing time.

Today I ventured out in the blustery, rainy, windy coastal weather. I found a coffee shop, a bakery, one antique-type store and a restaurant open. Everything else was closed.

The coffee shop was run by a very nice man who also had some handmade stuff for sale - who doesn't on the coast? I ended up buying a ring and then I went back for a couple goodies for the kids I just couldn't get off my mind.

I found a fabulous orange enamel bracelet at the antique place. And a new friend, Frank, at the restaurant.

Frank was in the area for a Native American Indian conference. He talked my ear off about the politics of being an Indian, how the youth are losing the language and as a result they are losing their voice too. He had an amazing story of how he and his wife survived a 60 pound piece of concrete being pushed off an overpass and landing in the middle of the windshield of his car. He talked about getting a Native American Day recognized nationwide and how he is working to get it put it on the calendar, how he's been married 60 years and about how he's tired. At 84 he's put a lot into life.

What an amazing morning.

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LSL said...

Really pretty bracelet - and I'm jealous of your conversation with Frank. It sounds pretty great.