Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ten Miles

Facing south-ish, on top of town.

I had a goal in mind to do a ten mile hike by the first of June. Well, I did it yesterday. Goal accomplished. Early.

We set out at 7:30 (yes, in the morning, on my day off,) and finished around 11:30. Our group had a couple stragglers, but that's alright. I decided I wouldn't be held back by them and kept up with the 8th grader in the front of the pack. Yeah, I kept up with the 8th grader! It reminded me of keeping up with the high school girls out on the ice when we play hockey. Well, trying to anyway. They always kick my butt! It was a beautiful view, and a nice hike. Evidently, we gained 2300 feet in elevation and it was a little over ten miles round trip.

Facing west-ish, on top of town

The dizzying flowered mountainside.

The hillside was full of daisies (?) and lupin (?) and lots of little pink and white flowers, the other side was a drop-off. I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz as she walks through the poppy field. Thankfully I didn't fall asleep.
Looking east on the way up the mountain.

All in all a nice hike. The dog had a great time, hopefully she didn't get into any ticks (ewwicky).
Glad we started early!

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