Monday, April 30, 2012

Long walks

I have wanted to take the dog out for a long walkie-hikey-thing for a week now. Our average is about 3.5 miles when we go out. I'm not in it for stats, but I thought, if we're out, why not go for 6 or 8 miles? Heaven knows I usually have the time. I certainly live where its possible. Unfortunately, life got in the way last week. Hannah has a broken foot so she was home from school on BOTH my days off. It kind of killed my want-to. Major disappointment. Thats one of the things in life I don't have good coping skills for; disappointment. Anyway, I had a four day weekend so we finally did a longer walkie-hikey thing on Sunday, it wasn't quite the six miles I had hoped for, but I was worried how long I had been gone (My Honey was home alone with the gimpy kid, Bubba and his friend... I had a little mom-guilt). And it was good. I even ran for a mile and a half or so of it. That's quite an experience, trail-running. As you can see it was a beautiful day, the view is gorgeous and the flowers are in bloom.

Later when I got home we did yard work. Lots of it. I moved this whole wood pile all by myself while My Honey built (another) retaining wall. The yard is coming along really well this year. Funny how prioritizing what we're spending makes such a difference in what we get done.

FYI, that wood pile is about four feet high and two rows deep. I know it doesn't look like much, but it was!

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